Cataract campaigns in Côte d’Ivoire

Based on the submitted 5-year action plan by Côte d’Ivoire, the National Program of Eye Health, with the support of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD), carried out cataract surgeries campaigns during the year of 2020. 

The campaigns started from 28 February 2020, financed by the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA). It is part of the continued commitment to performing 100,000 cataract surgeries in the next five years under the Alliance to Fight Avoidable Blindness.

These campaigns were conducted in 8 regions across the country (Sud-Comoé, Pro, Bélier, San-Pedro, Indénie-Djuablin, Abidjan 1, Abidjan 2 and Gbêkè). These activities were implemented in rural and urban areas and with the support of local and international ophthalmologists. They were preceded by raising awareness and social mobilization, which was carried out with the support of local NGOs working in eye health and “Alliance Ivoirienne de Lutte Contre la Cécité Évitable (AILCE). 

The Bank and National Program of Eye Health under the supervision of “ Association Médicale Marocaine de Solidarité (AMMS) along with the financial support of BADEA under these campaigns, 4,008 patients received screening, and         1,000 cataract treatment surgeries were performed in the targeted health districts localities.  In addition, these campaigns provided an excellent opportunity to develop the local capacities through hands-on training.